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24”  Class I sterile Disposable Nylon Tourniquet cuff Medium Arm CE ISO13485
Item No.ZXD-I-005
Size24" x 4"   (61 X 10.5 CM)
DescriptionMedium Arm Disposable Pneumatic Tourniquet cuff  24”  
1.Pneumatic Cuffs, disposable,90-degree port to keep hose clear from the surgical site
2.single/dual port options
3.single/dual bladder options
4.Limb Protect sleeves , high quality material .
5.Disposable,no cleaning,no cross contamination risk.
6.Sterile report available;
7.OEM available
Color Yellow
MaterialNylon,TPU /silicone tubing , quick released connector or lure lock
PackingSterile bag for each piece, 15pcs/ 20 pcs per box, 4boxes per carton
CertificateClass I sterile CE,ISO 13485
Shipping can by sea ,by air or via HL,TNT,UPS,FEDEX.
Please chose the shipping way by yourself. If you need shipping by other method please contact US.
 Timely delivery each time. Provide reliable service and responsible for each customer with each product. Our target is to satisfy every customer with the best service.
Q1:Are you a Factory or trading company?
   We are factory and trading company integration
Q2:When will the products be delivered if the order has been placed?
   For normal products,it will take less than half a month to produce,for customized products it will take 25-40 days for production.
Q3:Why do the goods have different color code?
   Different color is for easy size identification, 8” is light blue,12” wine red,18” red, 24” yellow,30” white, 34” blue, 44” green. Welcome customized color code.Manufacturers color-code their cuffs to assist the user in selecting the most appropriate cuff for the patient. The perioperative staff should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to determine the correct cuff size.
Q4:Why cuffs have different sizes?
   Tourniquet cuffs come in a variety of sizes. Different cuff sizes are used on the upper arms, forearms, thighs, and lower legs.  Cuff size is also specific to the patient population, with different sizes used for pediatric, adult, and bariatric patients.
 Passed the Class I sterile CE and ISO 13485 authentication.Disposable Tourniquet manufacturers

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