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Product Introduction
ldeal for Tubeless Tyres
Seals punctures up to 6mm
Aeropak Tubeless Tire Sealant prevents and repairs flats in tubeless tires caused by punctures up to a quarter-inch. Non-flammable, non-toxic and non-aerosol, this sealant installs easily through the valve, and for bikes, between the rim and the tire bead. Aeropak works repeatedly -- when a puncture occurs, the escaping air forces Aeropak with FibroSeal technology in the puncture wound to seal the puncture. This product is virtually mess-free, cleans up with water, and lasts for up to two years.
1.Remove the valve core to fully deflate the tyre,
2.Fill the tyre with the correct amount of Aeropak Liquid Tyre Sealant. Suggested fill quantities (Bicycles; 125-250ml, Motorcycles; 200-350ml, Small Cars; 500-1000ml, Large Cars; 1000-2000ml)
3.Replace the valve core, and rotate the tyre for a few minutes to evenly spread sealant.
4.Inflate the tyre to the correct pressure, and as soon as possible slowly drive 1-2km. The puncture/leaks will automatically seal Recheck tyre pressure and reinflate if needed.
Usage reference
Application ml
Bicycle 3 89
motorcycle 8-16 237-473
Auto 16 473
Truck/SUV20 592
Product Parameter
Product Name1L Liquid Tyre Sealant
Product CodeAPK-8510
Net Weight900g
Filled ML1ML
Unit Size65mm.dia x 240mm.h
Container TypePlastic bottle
Recommended ApplicationTubeless tire
Shelf life3 years
glass beadNo
Product Instructions
Aeropak Liquid Tyre Sealant
Installation Directions:low price Liquid Tyre Sealant

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