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Uni-Silent 100mm Voiceless Noise-Free TPR Fixed Casters With Rectangular Steel Plate Bracket
Product Features:
The wheel tire is made of new high-pure elastic rubber, and the steel plate is thickened to deal with the double-sided welding process. Anti-skid, wear-resisting and quieter. It is light, labor-saving and efficient after fit with our and trolley.
Specification Sheet:
Applicable to below items:
PLA150T Series (150Kgs Loading Plastic Hand Trolley)
PLA200T Series (200Kgs Loading Plastic Hand Trolley)
Q: What is the shape of the bracket plate of this wheel?
It’s rectangular.
Q:What color is the wheel bracket?
It’s silver.
Q:What color is the wheel tyre?
We only have black at moment. We could also do other colors if you need. Just reach our MOQ.Thermoplastic Rubber Castors suppliers

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